Platonists of North Texas

Is there any interest in Platonic Philosophy in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area?

We seek a deep understanding of Plato, the ancient Platonic and Neoplatonic tradition. We're not seeking a curriculum in other esoterica, be it Kabbalah or Tarot, however noble these may be.

We seek studies focused on the older Academic Tradition, a course feed on the great Dialogues of our divine Plato, on a study of the Old Academy and especially the so-called "Middle" and "Late/Neo" Platonists, taking inspiration and insights from those great philosophic saints of Antiquity.

We do not seek to be a fraternity or order. All we seek is reading the dialogues of Plato and the works of ancient Platonists like Maximus, Alcinous, Apuleius, Plotinus, Proclus, Damascius, even Pseudo-Dionysius or Ficino or modern writers like Schindler or Perl who seems to understand Platonism better than most.

As Platonists, we seek humility, patience, and the continuing practice of research and of practice. As Lloyd Gerson has demonstrated in his recent works, there can be no definitive dogma or definition to Platonism. Rather, Platonism is a rich field of communal research and individual struggle.

The criteria we as a group might seek for our members is that their focus is (1) on Plato and the Ancient Platonic Tradition, and (2) on how to apply that great tradition to the issues of the current age, given all the developments that have occurred over the centuries in the disciplines of theology, religion, philosophy, psychology, politics, sociology, biology, ecology, astronomy, astrology, quantum mechanics, &c.

If you live in North Texas and are interested in such a pursuit, please contact Alexander Sÿ at agathoeides at